H5P Conference 2018

Melbourne, Australia

3rd - 5th of December

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Videos from plenum sessions

Keynote: Empowering everyone to create, share and reuse
Svein-Tore Griff With (aká falcon, The H5P Core Team)
Day one surprise
Svein-Tore Griff With (aká falcon, The H5P Core Team), Michael Sturmey (VU), Jelena Milinovic (The H5P Core Team), Sonia Wilkie (VU)
Keynote: Michael Sturmey
Associate Director, Digital Environments, Victoria University

Speakers at H5P Con 2018

Amazing sessions by the community!
There were 45+ speakers and 200+ participants from 4 continents.

Conference program

The focus of the conference was on these 3 themes:

Integrating and customizing H5P For software developers
How to best use H5P and how to improve itFor content creators
How H5P impacts education and trainingFor academic researchers
Dear community member,

The H5P community is global and growing exponentially. In the spirit of H5P, the yearly H5P Conference is an arena to inspire, share and build knowledge. We in the H5P community have a very strong passion for H5P and the changes we want to instill in the world. It is unique, and it also makes the H5P Conferences unique with a lot of enthusiasm and a very global feel and appeal.

The 2018 H5P Con was held in Melbourne, Australia, at Victoria University's City Flinders Campus.
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The H5P Conference 2018 was the second H5P conference and the first where the community was encouraged to take a leading role in shaping this into a great experience for everyone attending.